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"Life opens up in so many different ways when your energy has been awakened.”

~Panache Desai

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.  I booked a session, now what?"
    Please fill out paperwork and sent it to me 24 hours in advance of your appointment. This will allow me time to review and prepare and also allow more time with you on the table for actual healing rather than logistics. You may scan and email ( them back or take photos of the filled out forms and text (973-755-0300) them. Please make sure the images are well lit and clear. If you send a photo of your forms, please bring the originals with you to your appointment. If you do not have access to a printer, no worries. There will be blank forms available for you to fill out upon arrival. *Read through this FAQ page and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. *Print and fill out the ‘Client Intake Form’ here. *For your review (you will be asked to sign upon arrival): ‘Informed Consent Form’ here. *If applicable, for your review (you will be asked to sign upon arrival): ‘Parental Consent Form’ here, and/and ‘Pet Consent Form’ here, *For your review: ‘Intention Setting’ document here. Pease think about what you want from your session and would like to create in your life. Together, in person we will craft your personalized intention.
  • 2.  What is your cancellation policy?
    All sales are final. We do not refund, exchange, or transfer products, healing sessions, trainings, packages, or gift certificates. For no-shows you will be changed 100% of the cost of your service. We understand that from time to time unforeseen mitigating circumstances may arise, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your situation. However, within 24 hours prior to your appointment start time there are no changes or cancellations for any reason. There is nothing more valuable than time and this time is set aside especially for you. We turn people away and begin prepping for your session 24 hours in advance. For anyone that becomes sick or those that are displaying cold/flu/allergy/COVID-19 symptoms, your In-Person session may be converted to a Remote/Distance Session (by phone). Please do not arrive with cold/flu/allergy/COVID-19 symptoms, you will be asked to leave.
  • 3.  Where do in-person sessions take place?  Is there Parking?
    All in-person sessions will take place in Guttenberg, NJ. Please note: two friendly cats reside at this location, if you are allergic to cats or are not welcoming to animals; perhaps you should consider booking a remote session. If you plan to drive and parking is needed, please let us know at least 24-hours in advance so we can have a space available for you to use. Finding parking in this area is hit or miss and can be quite challenging at times. Upon arrival, please call or text, and we will come down and show you where the parking spot is located and how to maneuver in; it can be a challenge, especially for larger vehicles. ***UPDATE*** Due to the recent flooding, there is a leak over our assigned parking spot causing rust water to flow down requiring a tarp to hang above our parking spot. If you have a small car, it will fit. For a larger vehicles, you will need to park on the street. If you give 24 hour notice, we are able to move our car to the street and give that spot to you when you arrive.
  • 4.  How do I prepare for my healing session?
    In order to improve the results you receive during Reiki, a process of purification is highly recommended. This will allow the energies to work more efficiently and create greater benefits for you while lessening the detox effects. While Reiki causes no harm, sometimes a client or healer will have what is called a ‘Spiritual Detox’ or ‘Healing Crisis’. · As a person’s vibration goes up, toxins that have been stored in the body are released into the bloodstream and filtered by the liver and kidneys before vacating the system. · When this happens, a person can get a headache, upset stomach, nausea, aches, feel weak, or tired. Some experience cold/flu/allergy symptoms. To lessen your reaction, it’s recommended you cleanse for 3 days leading up to your session. · Eat clean, light meals, avoid sugar, processed food, and meat. If you must eat meat, eat seafood. · Reduce or eliminate caffeine, smoking, and alcohol. · Get plenty of restful sleep. · Meditate and/or spend time in silence daily for at least 1-hour (can be two 30-minute sessions daily). · Hydrate - drink plenty of water (ideally alkaline filtered, non-chlorinated, non-fluoride). · Eat fresh fruit and vegetables (preferably organic). · Reduce or eliminate time in front of the computer, watching TV, listening to the radio/podcasts, and reading newspapers. · Spend time in nature. · Go for quiet walks and get moderate exercise. · Let go. Practice releasing emotions of anger, fear, jealousy, hate, worry, etc.
  • 5.  What should I wear to a Reiki session?
    Wear clothing you can relax in, something loose, breathable, stretchy, and comfortable; sweats, yoga pants, t-shirt, and pajamas are ideal. · Mask covering nose and mouth (adults and children). · Wear minimal or no makeup. · Wear minimal or no jewelry. · Wear minimal or no hair product. · Wear minimal or no perfume. · A suit, jeans, tight clothing, or anything that obstructs your body, is NOT ideal. · If you are arriving directly from the office, feel free to bring a change of clothes. · Reiki tends to warm things up, so I keep the space at around 65-73°. · If you tend to run cold, feel free to wear extra layers of clothing. · There will be a fresh sheet and blankets available as well. · Please, NO WOOL – I am allergic.
  • 6.  What should I do in preparation for my Distance Reiki session?
    Ideally, you would carve out a quiet space where you can comfortably lay down or recline in a chair uninterrupted. Some people light a candle, dim the lights, and play relaxing music in the background. We suggest keeping a blanket and full glass of water nearby.
  • 7.  Will we video chat during my Distance Reiki session?
    No, we find that video chatting is distracting for both the practitioner and the client, adding an unnecessary element of self-consciousness. For new clients, we will have a brief consultation by phone, go over your intake forms, create your intention for the session, and do a breathing exercise. We will talk you into a relaxed state and put the phone on mute while performing Distance Reiki which includes; a reading, clearing, and balancing of chakras.
  • 8.  Is Reiki a religion?
    Although Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion, nor is it associated with any dogma or religious practice. As an ancient holistic healing art, Reiki serves as a bridge between medicine, science, and spirituality. Reiki may be practiced within the context of any religious belief system, or by people who are agnostic or atheist.
  • 9.  How often would I need treatment to experience a benefit?
    For many, benefits are felt immediately and a single session may garner a noticeable improvement. However, Reiki is cumulative, so it is beneficial to receive a series of sessions to experience lasting effects. Blockages and chronic issues did not arrive in a single day; therefore, you cannot expect them to permanently disappear in a single session. If you are struggling with grief and/or depression from the loss of a loved one or an isolated incident, we would recommend the Introductory Reiki Session and 3 weekly sessions to jump start your healing. After that, we can reassess and move to a maintenance program of monthly or bi-annual sessions. We will personalize your treatment plan based on your individual need. For maintenance, clients often book Reiki Sessions as a gift to themselves for their birthday and around New Year to symbolize a new beginning or having a blank canvas to begin their next cycle.
  • 10.  Can I stop seeing my medical doctor or stop taking medication after having Reiki?
    No. Reiki is not a replacement for conventional medicine. Reiki is holistic in nature and works in harmony with other medical or psychological treatments. If you have a medical or psychological condition, we recommend that you see a licensed health care professional.
  • 11.  Are there any side effects from a Reiki treatment?
    While Reiki is a gentle treatment and causes no harm, sometimes a client will have what is called a ‘healing crisis’. As the client’s vibration goes up, toxins that have been stored in the body are released into the bloodstream and filtered by the liver and kidneys before vacating the system. When this happens, a person can get a headache, stomach ache, or feel weak. For optimal result, we recommend for the 3 days leading up to your session eating clean, lite meals (avoid processed food, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar) and hydrate before, during, and after your session. Please allow yourself to retire to bed earlier than normal if your body initiates an impulse to sleep.
  • 12.  What is the best time of day for a healing session?
    Our appointments are daily (Sunday through Friday) at 6pm or later, with good reason. We have a very sophisticated internal body clock that governs almost everything we do, without us even realizing it. Science says the best time to engage in different daily activities is in the afternoon. For athletes, physical performance is higher and risk of injury is lower, between 3pm-6pm. The optimal time of day for a healing session is 6pm or later. This is because our body naturally slows down digestion and functionality at 6pm, making it easier to relax the body and calm the mind. A session earlier in the day can still be effective, however it is counterintuitive to the body’s natural rhythm.
  • 13.  Is Reiki a massage?
    No, Reiki does not manipulate muscles or put pressure on soft tissue. In Reiki, the hands of the practitioner are gently rested on the body of the recipient in a series of positions. For clients with autism or those uncomfortable being touched, Reiki may be administered by hovering their hands over the client’s body and is equally effective.
  • 14.  Is Reiki a meditation?
    Many people report that Reiki brings them to a mental state of deep relaxation or meditation. However, it is possible to receive Reiki without focusing your mind.
  • 15.  What does Reiki feel like?
    Clients have reported a wide range of sensations; warmth, cold, tingling, pulsing, the sensation of floating, etc. Some people experience seeing colors, having vivid images, flashes of light, visits from their guides, and other dreamlike scenarios. Others have an emotional release. Most clients enter a calm, relaxed, and meditative state while others fall asleep into what is called a ‘Reiki nap’. Everyone’s response to energy healing is unique and there is no right or wrong experience. Reiki flows through the client whether you are sensitive to feeling a sensation or not.
  • 16.  Is it safe for my baby to have Reiki?
    Yes, babies love Reiki.
  • 17.  Is it safe for a pregnant woman?
    Yes, many women receive Reiki treatments throughout their pregnancy with great benefits to them and their unborn child. Reiki has also been used during child birth.
  • 18.  Does Reiki help with hospice care?
    As a healing agent, it can be a peaceful and relaxing tool to assist in the process of transitioning into the afterlife. Not only can it help those who are about to depart from this earth, but Reiki can assist those grieving a loved one as well.
  • 19.  Does medical insurance cover Reiki treatments?
    Even though Reiki is growing in popularity, it is rarely covered by insurance companies. It’s possible to receive coverage if Reiki is part of a treatment plan recommended by your medical doctor or psychotherapist, or if it’s given during a hospital stay by a nurse or licensed care professional. Check with your insurance provider to find out about the terms of coverage. If your insurance covers Reiki treatments, after payment you will receive an invoice that may be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. We do not submit to insurance companies on your behalf.
  • 20.  Should I tip my Reiki Practitioner?
    This is at the discretion of the client. Personally, I never expect tips, but I do welcome them. If you felt you had a beneficial session or the practitioner went above and beyond, then you may wish to show your gratitude this way. Bottom line: If you feel guided to give a tip, great. If not, that’s okay too! Some people do and some people don’t, either way is perfectly fine.
  • 21.  How do I pay you?
    We accept PayPal and Venmo. Click here for links.
  • 22.  Who can learn Reiki?
    Anyone. Reiki is a very simple and practical technique to learn and is not dependent on the student having any prior experience with healing, meditation or any other kind of training.
  • 23.  What is a Reiki attunement?
    An attunement is a process by which a Reiki Master opens the student’s ability to connect to Reiki energy via symbols. At the point of attunement, the practitioner will have the ability to act as a conduit for Reiki energy to heal themselves and others. The attunement ceremony is administered by the Reiki Master during the Reiki class. Once a person is attuned to Reiki, their ability to connect will last for their lifetime.
  • 24.  What is lineage?
    Reiki is a technique that is passed on from Master Teacher to student. If someone has been attuned to Reiki, then she/he will be a part of the succession of teachers leading back to the founder of the system of Reiki being practiced.
  • 25.  After attending Reiki Classes will I receive a certificate?
    Yes, for each level completed.
  • 26.  Does Reiki drain the practitioner?
    No. In fact, most practitioners experience heightened energy and clarity during and after giving treatments. We are not using our own energy to heal the client, we connect to Universal Life Force Energy and act as a conduit allowing this energy to flow through us and direct it into the client. If a practitioner is tired after a session, it is usually from standing for long periods rather than sending Reiki into their subjects.
  • 27.  Can I treat myself with Reiki?
    Yes, once you have been attuned to Reiki, you can treat yourself as well as others. However, much like massage, the therapist can easily massage themselves, but it’s often more pleasurable to just lay back and allow someone else to do it for you.
  • 28.  What is an Aura?
    The aura is an electromagnetic field that that can be described as a luminous body that surrounds the physical body, taking on a cocoon like shape. Each and every object, living or inanimate has an aura. Auras constantly change color and shape depending on how the person is feeling and where they are at emotionally and spiritually. This electromagnetic field acts like a magnet and repels or attracts energy. The aura usually extends out from the body 3 to 4 feet for an average person, and can be much larger for a more highly developed spiritual person.
  • 29.  What are Chakras?
    Chakra in Sanskrit literally means ‘wheel, ‘disc,’ or ‘circle’ and are vital energy centers located in our subtle bodies. We use the 7-Chakras system, which start at the base of the spine and continue to the crown of the head with correlating colors; red-root, orang-sacral, yellow-solar plexus, green-heart, blue-throat, indigo-third eye, and violet-crown. Each Chakra corresponds with physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional interactions.
  • 30.  What are Meridians?
    Meridians are energy pathways that run throughout the body where life force energy called ‘qi’ flows. There are 12 main ‘Principal Meridians’, and 6 are yin while 6 are yang.
  • 31.  Are there any books you suggest reading?
    Yes, there is a library of books we recommend: The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D. The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ashian The Ultimate Guide to Chakras by Athena Perrakis, Ph.D. Accupressure for Emotional Healing by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. and Beth Ann Henning The Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing by Gary Null, Ph.D. The Complete Book of Chinese Health & Healing by Daniel Reid You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay Law of Attraction by Michael J. Losier Loving Kindness by Sharon Salzberg A New Earth and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr
  • 32. What about COVID?
    Due to my own underlying health conditions, I veer on the side of caution. Upon arrival, you will be asked to: · Wear a mask for the full duration of your visit (covering both your nose and mouth). · Sanitize or wash your hands. · UV Sanitize your keys and phone (UV sanitizing box provided). · Remove your shoes at the door. · Those displaying a temperature above 99.5 will be asked to reschedule. · Do not bring more than one personal item. · Sign a COVID Waiver, releasing The Reiki Warrior of any liability if you were to get sick as a result of your participation. If you have any of the following symptoms within 14 days prior (or after) your session please inform The Reiki Warrior immediately: · Fever or chills · Cough · Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing · Fatigue · Muscle or body aches · Headache · Loss of taste or smell · Sore throat · Congestion or runny nose · Nausea or vomiting · Diarrhea
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