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To rediscover and inhabit our wholeness, we need time, spaciousness, solitude and skills. We need daily practices that restore us to ourselves that bring us back to who we are.

~Hiro Boga


Millions of people worldwide practice Reiki.  Are you looking to join the movement?


The Reiki Warrior offers private (one-on-one) and semi-private (one-on-two) Reiki training and certification in a home studio and living room setting.  This type of learning experience is a unique way for me to get to know my students intimately while being able to accommodate people with diverse learning styles or challenging schedules.  I am dedicated to empowering each student to become the best version of themselves, achieve their goals, and prepare them for a remarkable future. 


While The Reiki Warrior is trained in both eastern and western styles, our Reiki certification classes follow the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho discipline (Usui System of Natural Healing). You will learn in an academic style and also gain hands on experience. 


The mission of this training program is to successfully transform you into a confident Reiki practitioner capable of working with clients, whether it be for general balancing or healing more serious physical diseases.  You will leave the class capable of starting up your own Reiki practice.  No previous knowledge or healing experience is necessary.  Reiki is for everyone and anyone is capable of channeling Reiki energy.  We are all capable of healing ourselves and assisting others to heal.  


For most people, Reiki 1 & 2 will be sufficient to heal yourself and work as a Reiki practitioner. For those who wish to work in this field at hospitals, hospice, or to teach students, a Master Teacher certification is required.

Learning Reiki gives you a practical way to take your health and well-being into your own hands.  By having the ability to access, channel, and move energy you'll be able to improve your own well-being and the health of those around you.

What is Reiki
Energy Healing



  • High-quality interactions.  Students have the constant attention of the teacher, so they can listen to and speak more than they might in a group classroom situation.

  • Students can contribute more and be part of the learning process.

  • Their strengths and weaknesses are addressed fully and consistently without the competition of other students vieing for the instructor’s time.

  • Students are able go at their own pace and not feel pressured by the progress of a group.

  • Instructors can adapt their language to the level of the student.

  • Students and teachers are actively engaged and listening within this intimate learning environment.

  • Although teachers have plans and ideas of where to take lessons in advance, students have complete control over the questions they ask and the pace that they learn. 

  • In a classroom setting, students often are distracted by others. With one-on-one/two instruction, students get to entirely focus on their task at hand. 

  • Instructors have a deeper understanding of what the student needs most to best prepare them to continue moving forward. 

  • Everyone has their own style of communication and learning.  Messages are less likely to get lost in translation.  If something is unclear, a student has direct access to their teacher to ask about what they may be missing. 

  • Students learn to trust their instructors and are given a completely safe space to openly share.  In classroom settings pressured by peers, some students fear answering questions, making mistakes, or taking risks.

  • A low stress environment frees students from the fear of failure.

  • Instructors can gauge the student’s progress and mastery.

Image by Giulia Bertelli



Whether you are seeking a powerful self-care tool, wanting to deepen your spiritual path, or enhance your natural healing abilities; The Reiki Warrior connects you to divine energy and teaches you simple, effective techniques to bring balance and well-being into your life and the lives of others.


  • Support a family member or themselves through an illness.

  • Provide Reiki as a preventative measure against sickness for themselves, their children, partners, and family.

  • Support themselves during stressful periods and increase their well-being.

  • Allow themselves to feel relaxed just like they do when receiving a reiki treatment.

  • Manage their pain and ease their suffering.

  • Go further with their own healing journey.

  • Compliment other holisitic modalities e.g. massage, physiotherapy, amatsu, etc.

  • Support themselves and their patients in the medical environment e.g. nurses, doctors, caretakers, etc.

  • Check out Reiki as they are curious about it or may have heard about it from a family member or friend.

  • Learn to tune into your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Find relief from pain, sleep issues, muscle tension, and other symptoms.

  • Get to the root cause of anxiety and depression.

  • Release emotional baggage that may be impacting your present moment and future.

  • Experience your life force flow harmoniously.

  • Come into deeper alignment with who you are.

  • Explore your faith and purpose.

  • Create synergy between the mind and body.

  • Embark on a path of developing self-awareness.

  • Opportunity to share healing with family, and friends.

Regardless of the path that brought you to this page, tighten your seat belt because you’re about to embark on a life altering, deep healing exploration of inner soul, and spiritual growth.   



Reiki is different from almost all other healing modalities. It’s actually transferred to each student from a Reiki master during what is called an attunement process.  This process is said to open the crown, heart, and palm chakras and create a unique connection between the student and the teacher.  Once you have received a Reiki attunement, you will have Reiki for the remainder of your life. It does not "wear off" and you can never lose it.


Reiki Therapy



Learning Reiki can be life changing.

Learning the practice of Reiki offers many benefits:

  • Increased sense of peace and well-being in your daily life.

  • Greater empowerment against the stresses of life.

  • Acceleration in your emotional and physical healing process.

  • Greater emotional balance.

  • Deeper connection to your spiritual growth and journey.

  • Heightened intuition.

  • Increased clarity and focus.

  • Strengthened immune system.

  • Relief from chronic tension and anxiety.

  • Deeper level of connecting with loved ones.

  • Healthier energetic boundaries.

  • Clear karmic and ancestral patterns.

What you'll take away from training with The Reiki Warrior:

  • Powerful energetic activations that raise your vibration.

  • The ability to channel Reiki for loved ones, pets, plants, etc.

  • In-depth understanding of the body's energy system.

  • Skills to offer healing hands on or remotely.

  • Century old knowledge of Reiki, its founders, principles and history.

  • Mentoring on making this a rewarding career.

  • Effective techniques to clear energy blocks.

  • Guided meditations.

  • Protection techniques particularly useful to empaths.

  • Deeper connection to your spirit guides.

  • Certificate of completion that allows you to volunteer or build a professional practice.

  • And so much more!

Distance Reiki
Pet & Animal Reiki



If you have read about Reiki on the Internet then you will undoubtedly have come across references to Reiki “lineage”.  A Reiki lineage is a list of Reiki Masters (teachers) starting with the person that taught you Reiki and then going back, teacher by teacher, to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui. So all Reiki people should be able to trace their Reiki “family tree” showing that their teacher was taught by this person, and they were taught by that person, and they were taught by this person, leading all the way back, in an unbroken line, to the founder of Reiki.

There does seem to be some strange behavior going on when it comes to the subject of lineage.  I understand Reiki lineages are very important in some countries.  Some people like to play the “my lineage is shorter than yours” game on the basis that a shorter lineage indicates that your Reiki is more pure and untainted than that of someone who has a longer lineage.

In my view, what is more important than the length of a lineage is the degree to which that lineage has stayed true to the original teachings. 

Pet Reiki Story
Hands Touching



If any of the below statements are true for you, please take Reiki 1 & 2 separately.

  • I do not currently have a daily meditation and/or mindfulness practice in place.

  • I prefer to move at a slower pace when learning.

  • I am not able to retain a lot of information given at once.

  • I struggle with processing information.

  • I experience performance anxiety.

  • I require more guidance when learning a new process.

  • I typically have a lot of questions when learning something new.

  • I am unsure as to if I should take Reiki 1 & 2 combined or separately.


If all of the below statements are true for you, feel free to take the Reiki 1 & 2 Combined Intensive Training.

  • I have a daily mindfulness practice in place (meditation, chanting, yoga, Thai Chi, Qigong, etc.).

  • I am generally self-aware, grounded, present, and not ruled by my thoughts and feelings.

  • I am eager to learn and am able to process information at a fast pace.

  • I am able to perform quickly with very little or no supervision.

  • I relish hard work and enjoy new challenges.


All students looking to be trained in Reiki are encouraged to have a Reiki session with each potential teacher to see if you blend well with their energy and style.  Having a healing session with The Reiki Warrior is compulsory prior to being trained here.

Business Clearing & Reiki Blessing
Image by Lina Trochez
Training & Certification


Training & Certification

With your certificate from The Reiki Warrior, you will be recognized as a Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master Teacher worldwide.

Reiki Level 1: Shoden  

In Reiki 1 you are introduced to Reiki energy.  During Reiki 1 training, you will receive four introductory attunements. Students may be age 7 to 107.  No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.

$555 | 5 hours |   One-on-one

$666 | 6 hours |   One-on-two ($333 each participant)

~Prerequisite: Introductory Healing Session w/Reiki

~In order to book the one-on-two option, you must have two students ready to purchase the classes together.  On some occasions we may be able to match a solo student with another.  Reach out for more information.

Reiki Level 2: Okuden

In Reiki 2 you deepen your working relationship with Reiki.  During Reiki 2 training you will receive an attunement for symbols; cho ku rei (power), sei hei ki (harmony), hon sha ze sho nen (distance), 3 semi-precious gemstones with these symbols, and a certificate of completion.

$666 | 6 hours | One-on-one

$888 | 8 hours | One-on-two ($444 each participant)

~Prerequisite: Introductory Healing Session w/Reiki and Reiki 1 training with The Reiki Warrior.

~In order to book the one-on-two option, you must have two students ready to purchase the classes together.  On some occasions we may be able to match a solo student with another.  Reach out for more information.

Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Combined Intensive

During Reiki 1 & 2 Intensive training you will receive the four introductory attunements and attunements for three symbols; cho ku rei (power), sei hei ki (harmony), hon sha ze sho nen (distance), 3 semi-precious gemstones with these symbols, and a certificate of completion. 

$1,111  | 10 hours |  One-on-one

$1,333  | 12 hours |  One-on-two ($666 each participant)

~Prerequisite: Introductory Healing Session w/Reiki

~In order to book the one-on-two option, you must have two students ready to purchase the classes together.  On some occasions we may be able to match a solo student with another.  Reach out for more information.


Reiki Master Teacher: Shinpiden

In the Reiki Master program you become one with Reiki energy and dive deep into your inner soul connecting you to your life's purpose.  Reiki Master training is approximately 18-20 hours total, broken down into two classes consecutive days.  This includes printable training materials, attunement to symbol dai ko myo (master), 1 semi-precious gemstone with the master symbol, a pendulum, and a certificate of completion with lineage. 

$1,999 | 18 hours | One-on-one

$2,222 | 20 hours | One-on-two ($1,111 each participant)

~Prerequisite: Introductory Healing Session w/Reiki and Reiki 1 & 2 with The Reiki Warrior.

~This master certification will be recognized worldwide upon completion of the course.

~In order to book the one-on-two option, you must have two students ready to purchase the classes together.  On some occasions we may be able to match a solo student with another.  Reach out for more information.

For Reiki Master’s that plan to teach, by training with The Reiki Warrior you have the option to purchase our intellectual property; Reiki 1, 2, and master presentation manuals to use while teaching your own classes.


Reiki Practitioner Review & Coaching

The Reiki Warrior offers review sessions for those who have already been attuned to Reiki.  Whether you find yourself out of practice, seeking another healer’s perspective, or desiring additional training, these sessions were created to boost your confidence as a practitioner. The sessions are driven by your questions and are geared to address your specific and immediate needs.  Sessions are one-on-one and may be done in-person or remote.  Proof of certification is required prior to booking if you are not already a student of The Reiki Warrior. 

$333 | 3 hours | Reiki 1 & 2

$222 | 2 hours | Q&A, Coaching, Practice

$111 | 1 hour   | Q&A

Please be prepared to stay longer if necessary. 


Female therapist performing Reiki therapy treatment holding hands over woman's stomach. Al


Reiki Level 1 Practitioner ​

  • What Reiki is & History of Reiki.

  • Grounding & Meditation.

  • Attunements.

  • Healing Crisis.

  • Initiation into the Usui Shiki Rhoyo Reiki Lineage.

  • Activating & Channeling Energy.

  • Scanning & Visualizations.

  • Intention Setting.

  • Empaths & Intuitive Gifts.

  • 7 Chakra System.

  • Aura Raking, Cleansing & Protection.

  • Healing Crisis & Spiritual Detox.

  • Self-Healing.

  • Basic Anatomy & Traditional Hand Positions.

  • Practical Hands-on Experience.

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner ​

  • Review Reiki Level 1.

  • Q & A.

  • Reiki Level 2 Attunement Ceremony.

  • Activating & Using Reiki Symbols.

  • Space Clearing.

  • Guides & Helpers.

  • Invocations.

  • Distance Reiki Treatments.

  • Animal/Pet Reiki Treatments.

  • The Client Experience.

  • Steps for a Reiki Session.

  • Recharge Your Batteries.

  • Setting-up A Healing Practice.

  • Legalities of Reiki.

  • Practical Hands-on Experience.

Reiki Master Teacher

  • Review Reiki  Levels 1 & 2.

  • Q & A.

  • Spirituality.

  • Deeper Dive into Meditation.

  • What it means to be a Reiki Master.

  • The Master Symbol Attunement.

  • Uses for the Master Symbol.

  • How to activate the Master Symbol.

  • Working with Guides.

  • Working Intuitively.

  • Manifestation.

  • Sending Reiki with Breath & Eyes.

  • The Subtle Layers of the Body.

  • Working with Tools.

  • Complementary Healing Modalities.

  • The Attunement Process.

  • Professional Development.

  • Practical Hands-on Experience.

Woman getting reiki therapy on wooden background.jpg



  • USB Flash Drive 32GB (to transfer a Zip File with training materials and notes to you).

  • (Optional) Laptop – to ensure the files transfer to your computer prior to leaving.

  • Water bottle.

  • Something to write with.

  • Breakfast, lunch, maybe dinner, and snacks.

    • Stove, microwave, toaster oven, and refrigerator are on site for you to use.

    • I have a kettle and assortment of herbal teas available.  I only have natural sugar in my home; honey and maple syrup.  So if you need white/brown sugar, bring some.

    • I will have some fresh fruit also available to share.

    • There is a Chinese and Lotus Thai delivery place and Pizza pickup nearby.

  • Indoor only slippers or shoes if you don’t like to be barefoot or in socks.

  • Layers (sweater/cardigan/hoodie).

    • I keep the temperature at 70-73 degrees in summer.

    • Reiki can either cool you down or heat you up, so be prepared to layer on or off.

    • Please, NO WOOL – I am allergic.



  • Wear minimal or no makeup.

  • Wear minimal or no jewelry.

  • Wear minimal or no hair product.

  • Wear minimal or no perfume.

  • Dress casual, comfortable, and breathable.  Ideally, stretchy yoga pants, leggings, sweats, tank top, t-shirt, etc.



  • In order to improve the results you receive during the attunement, a process of purification is highly recommended. This will allow the energies to work more efficiently and create greater benefits for you while lessening the detox effects.

  • Sometimes a client/healer or attuner/attunee will have what is called a ‘Spiritual Detox’ or ‘Healing Crisis’.

  • As a person’s vibration goes up, toxins that have been stored in the body are released into the bloodstream and filtered by the liver and kidneys before vacating the system.  When this happens, a person can get a headache, upset stomach, nausea, aches, feel fatigued, or have cold/flu/allergy symptoms.

  • To lessen your reaction, it’s recommended you cleanse for 3-7 days leading up to your attunement.

  • Eat clean, light meals, avoid processed sugar and food, and meat.  If you must eat meat, eat seafood if possible.

  • Reduce or eliminate caffeine, smoking, and alcohol.

  • Get plenty of restful sleep.

  • Meditate and spend time in silence daily for at least 1 hour (can be two 30 minute sessions daily).

  • Hydrate - drink plenty of water (ideally alkaline filtered, non-chlorinated, non-fluoride).

  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables (preferably organic).

  • Reduce or eliminate time in front of the computer, watching TV, listening to radio/podcasts, and reading newspapers.

  • Spend time in nature.

  • Go for quiet walks and get moderate exercise.

  • Release anger, confusion, fear, jealousy, hate, worry, etc.

  • Please consider making these changes – even temporarily – to make your attunement and energy flow more effectively.



  • Once you have booked your training, please text or email me the name as you would like it to be printed on your certificate. 


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