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Healing begins the moment you make an appointment. By taking this step, you are letting both your calendar and your body know, “I have committed to a particular space and time to support my own well-being.” This allows your body and mind to align and become open to the healing process. 


Please note: A cat reside here, if you're allergic or are not friendly with animals, a remote session is suggested.


All sales are final. We do not refund, exchange, or transfer products, healing sessions, trainings, packages, or gift certificates. For no-shows you will be changed 100% of the cost of your service.  We understand that from time to time unforeseen mitigating circumstances may arise, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your situation.  However, within 24 hours prior to your appointment start time there are no changes or cancellations for any reason.  There is nothing more valuable than time and this time is set aside especially for you. We turn people away and begin prepping for your session 24 hours in advance. For anyone that becomes sick or those that are displaying cold/flu/allergy/COVID-19 symptoms, your in-person session may be converted to a Remote/Distance Session (by phone).  Please do not arrive with cold/flu/allergy/COVID-19 symptoms, you will be asked to leave.

Appointments are at 6pm or later, with good reason. We have a very sophisticated internal body clock that governs almost everything we do, without us even realizing it. Science says the best time to engage in different daily activities is in the afternoon. For athletes, physical performance is higher and risk of injury is lower, between 3-6pm. The optimal time of day for a healing session is 6pm or later. This is because our body naturally slows down digestion and functionality after 6pm, making it easier to relax. A session earlier in the day can still be effective, however it is counterintuitive to the body’s natural rhythm.

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